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Be the Best – Be  ‘the’ Employer of Choice!

2nd October 2017

Being an ‘employer of choice’ is a ‘must’ in today’s employment market –  for top candidates it’s like being in a ‘sweet shop’ now – they often receive multiple offers – and so employers need to stay ahead of their competitors.  This may mean offering other things over and above a competitive salary package –  greater flexibility, acknowledging employee’s family and personal needs and their desire to engage with the culture and ethos of the business.

Increasingly we hear clients say – “it’s so hard to recruit certain skills? What can we do?” With the employment rate in the UK reported as 4.5%, an all-time low since 1975, is it any wonder? Pressure for skills and top talent remains as challenging as ever. However, there is one easy way to improve the chances of attracting new staff, and that’s to ensure that the business tries to stand out from its rivals by reviewing and improving its’ ‘employer of choice’ status. And then communicate ‘why’ it’s an ‘employer of choice’ – loud and clear.

So, how do you get the edge over other companies?

First – do your homework – ensure your remuneration packages are competitive. Then, listen to why employees are leaving – what is it they like about the company they are moving to? Gather intelligence from recruiters and from your network to find out what’s being offered to similar businesses, in your industry – what do candidates ask for?

Secondly –  review what practically what can be changed to enhance the offerings? Evaluate how you stack up compared to other organisations, make a case for including or changing policies and practices and then include the details of what you offer in your adverts and recruitment material.

Thirdly – Ensure that the companies selection process has the right balance and speed – selling v’s assessing – find out what the applicants are looking for when they select a new employer – promote your ‘employer of choice’ status by matching this to the candidates’ personal aspirations and keep the process moving – be the first to make the offer!

The evidence – Google, who frequently tops Fortune 500 Best Companies List, receives around 3,000 applications a year – so why are they an ‘Employer of Choice’?  It’s famous for its luxury perks, like free gourmet food and haircuts and laundry services, but it also takes a rigorous analytical approach to morale. It was recently in the press for boosting its parental leave policies for example, after finding that mothers were leaving at higher rates – the result was a 50 % reduction in turnover for working mums. Then, there is the culture, town halls, support for transgender workers, unconscious bias workshops attended by over 70% of their staff that help foster a ‘safe and inclusive’ environment at work. These are just a few things to consider.

It’s easy to search ‘best employers – what do they do to attract new recruits’ and there is a myriad of possible ways to improve a companies’ ‘employer of choice’ status – the key is to improve it in a way that makes sense for the size of the business and employees that they are aiming to attract – often it’s the intangible, low cost elements that have the biggest impact.

If you are struggling to recruit or know a contact that is, we can help improve their ‘employer of choice’ status and solve their recruitment issues. Please call the experts from jme hr solutions on +44 (0)78 9183 9136.