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Redundancy: How to deal with pregnant employees and those on maternity leave

An employer needs to be particularly cautious when dealing with employees who are pregnant or on maternity leave when looking to carry out a redundancy or restructuring exercise. Such employees are granted special protection under employment legislation and may bring a number of claims via an Employment Tribunal if not treated fairly. Possible claims include:…

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Big Brother is watching you: the legal issues of using CCTV

In this blog, we take a look at the legal implications of CCTV in the workplace. The UK is one of the most surveilled nations in the world. An estimated 5.9 million CCTV cameras keep watch over us. In addition to the traditional CCTV that is fixed in one place, the use of mobile “body…

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Gender pay gap reporting: what you need to know

A new duty requiring big employers to publish data on their gender pay gaps looks set to come into effect in April 2017.  The revised draft Regulations were published on 7th December 2016 and are subject to parliamentary approval. The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, apply to private – and voluntary…

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Employment Law Changes 2017: the year ahead

As we start a new year, we take a look at what we can expect from an HR and Employment law perspective in 2017, which looks set to be rather busy! Brexit Although not directly related to employment law, Brexit is probably the biggest thing likely to happen this year.  Article 50 is expected to…

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Five Ways to Reward your Staff for free this Christmas

Saying thanks for a job well done is easy – and important – but is often overlooked by managers who are stretched by a less than impressive reward budget, even at Christmas. We know that the workforce needs support and celebration; recognition is the key to improving employee engagement for 2017 and beyond, particularly at…

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Christmas in the workplace: 10 common employer queries

  How well prepared are you for the festive season?  This time of year sees employers facing a myriad of HR issues…… 1. What should we do to prepare for the festive season? Managers should familiarise themselves with the company’s policy on Christmas parties or work-related social events.  Additionally, the company should consider the option…

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The “gig economy” and its future, following the Uber drivers’ tribunal decision

More and more people are talking about the “gig economy”.  But what is it?  A “gig economy” is one where a company takes on staff to do work on a task by task basis, literally “gigging” at each place of work. This allows the company to be more flexible and to react better to peaks…

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Employment Advice on tap?

Everyone involved with ‘people management’ can be asked a myriad of questions relating to employment – if you don’t have access to an in-house HR team, you might like to try our personal telephone employment information service – 07891 839136 – it’s quick to access and would provide you with the latest best practice and…

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The taxation of termination payments – including Pay in Lieu of Notice (PILON)

There is a widespread misconception that all payments made on the termination of employment are automatically subject to a tax exemption of £30,000. However, unfortunately, not all sums payable under a settlement agreement are tax-free. In deciding what tax is payable in respect of termination payments, the key is to identify each element of the…

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Pay Award Intentions for 2017

Here are some recent survey results from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development – July 2016.  This may be useful if you are budgeting for salaries for next year. The planned median basic pay increase over the 12 months to June 2017 is 1.1%, significantly less than the 1.7% planned in spring 2016 and…

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