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Five Key Benefits of Exit Interviews

10th October 2017

We are often challenged on the issue of why managers should bother to conduct exit interviews. They consider that it’s all too late to ‘save’ the person from leaving and so see little value in conducting them. Whilst this may be true, some employees, on occasion, can be influenced to re consider, but the true value for conducting them is not for the individual – it’s mainly for the company – to help them understand and prevent costs caused by turnover.

These are just 5 solid reasons why companies should take the time to do them.

1. Find out why people leave/stay
By identifying trends, Managers and HR teams can address common themes that may be driving resignations – a disagreeable management style, pay, lack of autonomy in the work, lack of communication and feedback, not feeling valued, lack of flexibility. These examples could be addressed very quickly and easily if the correct information and solutions reach the Senior level – they can’t be fixed if no-one knows about them.

2. Uncover ideas to improve the Company
A wide variety of ideas can be gathered from exit interviews that can be used to improve things. Again, some items will be very easy to implement. Many employees will also give the Company solutions about how particular problems can be solved.

3. Identify ‘brewing issues
Companies can use exit interview to identify potential workplace hazards and problems, such as discrimination, sexual harassment and workplace violence. They can use the information to identify problems before they get out of hand and lead to expensive litigation.

4. Take the ‘temperature’
Exiting employees will often give an honest view of the staff morale and what’s working well and what isn’t for staff. Really useful input to help reward and motivation strategies.

5. Target Training
Exit interview data can help pinpoint where extra training may be needed.

It makes good business sense to do them – if you have a high staff turnover and would like to pin point possible causes and solutions – Please call the experts from jme hr solutions on +44 (0)78 9183 9136.