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Attract and retain the best

Sourcing the best candidates can be simple with such a huge volume of online resources available at the touch of the keyboard – that’s absolutely true, but how long can it take to find the right person? You know the roles best – that’s also true, but do you have confidence that your new recruit will actually do the job well? Partner with jme hr and we can help you have confidence in your recruitment decisions as well as taking the guess work and effort out of the process.

We can advise you on where to post roles, how to access candidates quickly, how to hone your search as well as directing you to our trusted contingency agencies and search consultants for an even more focused approach. That’s for free…

How we really add value is to help you assess your shortlist to make sure you select the right ‘competence’ and ‘fit’ for the role and your business – after all it’s about bringing skill and knowledge into your business that has the potential to grow with you, not just fill the immediate operational gap!

From a practical perspective we can help you with as much or as little as you need from writing the job description, to reference checking. Our consultants can advise on where to set salary levels so that you don’t overload your salary bill. We can assess fairly and objectively using aptitude and personality assessments to avoid the ‘halo and horns’ effect, and more importantly help you ensure your recruitment practices are free of discrimination.

We also have expertise in assessing and nurturing your existing talent and helping you engage, retain and motivate your top performers.

If you’d like to have an initial chat about your one-off or volume resourcing needs, call us today on 07891 839136 or email us here.