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UK Employment law changes 2018

At a glance, here are the new rates and key legislative changes for the next few months, I hope that this is a useful reminder. 30 March 2018 Gender pay gap reporting for public sector employees Public sector employers must publish first reports before this date (with a snapshot date of 31 March 2017). 1…

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Pay gap spelled out in scrabble tiles

Gender Pay Gap Reporting – ‘Myths V Facts’

This topic – Gender Pay Reporting – will be at the forefront for many companies at the moment, if they employ over 250 employees. This is because the date for publishing their gender Gap figures looms very close – The deadline to report is 4 April 2018 (or 30 March 2018 for public sector employers). Whilst…

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Are you a Meeting Monster?

When it’s time for a business meeting, it can conjure up a feeling of ‘dread’ – agree? Even if there is an agenda, you know there is no point reading it, as it will change as soon as the meeting begins. Discussions can get hijacked. Bad ideas may fall like blunt objects. Long-winded colleagues consume…

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Be prepared, snow is on its way again

As I began to think of ideas for our next blog, snow was falling outside of my office window and I reflect on how many different approaches I have seen, in terms of how clients deal with bad weather situations at work. It tends to range from no plan at all – to a well…

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Remote Working – Key Facts

Remote working, distributed teams, telecommuting. They all speak to a decentralized community of co-workers who rarely see each other, and even more rarely, get to know one another in person. But in today’s competitive economy, it’s becoming more common and even necessary for companies to embrace telecommuting as a core strategy in hiring and retaining…

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Keeping it Professional at The Christmas Party!

As we hit December, it really ’tis the season to be jolly’, and many employers indulge in the festive season with an annual tradition . . . the office Christmas party. It’s the perfect opportunity for employers to thank their teams for their hard work the previous year, as well as a great opportunity to…

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Successful Employee Recruitment – ‘3 Ingredients for Success’

Ingredient 1 – ‘Build your candidate pool before you need it’ The best candidates are usually working for someone else and they may not even be looking for a new position. So, we suggest that the following may help you to build a candidate pool for when your organisation needs it – it also speeds…

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Five Key Benefits of Exit Interviews

We are often challenged on the issue of why managers should bother to conduct exit interviews. They consider that it’s all too late to ‘save’ the person from leaving and so see little value in conducting them. Whilst this may be true, some employees, on occasion, can be influenced to re consider, but the true…

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Be the Best – Be  ‘the’ Employer of Choice!

Being an ‘employer of choice’ is a ‘must’ in today’s employment market –  for top candidates it’s like being in a ‘sweet shop’ now – they often receive multiple offers – and so employers need to stay ahead of their competitors.  This may mean offering other things over and above a competitive salary package – …

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10 Tips for ‘high performance’ in work teams

This picture made me smile when I saw it – I wasn’t sure if it was the latest ‘in vogue’ team exercise – of which there are hundreds! It looked to me like an unusual ‘take’ on a ballet class – as it reminded me of my daughter’s grand jetes – or it could be…

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