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Compensation and Benefits

The policies behind the pay

Pay and benefits are an enormous balancing act. You can’t recognise excellence with mediocrity. Yet rewarding people above their worth can disturb vital corporate ecosystems.

At jme hr, we wade into this maelstrom armed with 20 years’ experience of salaries, bonuses, commission, company cars, pensions and more.

We work with you to identify your aims and issues. We carry out job-matching exercises. We help position packages for each role appropriately. We can even carry out a complete review of your reward strategy.

You’ll benefit from our sound grasp of the issues, gained with leading compensation and benefits consultancies. You’ll also have access to our associate consultancy, helping us support your compensation planning with advice and analysis.

Services include:

  • Reward strategy
  • Pay and benefits benchmarking
  • Grading
  • Bonus-plan design
  • Long-term incentive-plan design

Ultimately, your people will be rewarded fairly, in the most cost-effective way for your business. They’ll sustain their performance while you streamline your overheads.

Call us today on+44 (0)7891 839136 or email us here about our compensation and benefits services.