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Organisational Change

Positive, respectful and empowering

Change is implicit in everything we do as individuals, both in and outside of work – it can be positive and developmental and that’s what we strive to achieve whenever we advise and coach clients on organisational changes. You know the outcomes that you need and we advise you on the best way to achieve them. It’s not just the ‘soft stuff’ that we know about, we focus on the bottom line results required and we ensure that our advice helps you reach them first and foremost.

Our experience with small departmental changes, through to organisational mergers and company acquisitions, is vast. This is one of our core areas of expertise. We work collaboratively with you and your managers and HR teams to provide guidance and ‘hands on’ resource during collective and individual consultations. We can manage the strands of change projects seamlessly, co-ordinating activities so that you as the client always have the ‘helicopter’ view. We advise you on your risks and opportunities, from the detail of redundancy through to terms for new job offers and trial periods.

How an organisation approaches change can leave long lasting effects on the wider organisation, let us help you head for success. We can often find shortcuts and alternatives that give you your result, but often in a more creative way. We know how to comply with employment legislation and work with and around it.

Anyone can get through a change process from a legal/task perspective, but we can get you through a change process you’d be proud to own.

Some projects we have worked on include:

  • Telecoms business switching from a UK to European/Global platform
  • Alliance of two business schools that sought to re-design its operations functions
  • Acquisition of a new business with TUPE implications
  • Closure of a business affecting 350 staff
  • Consumer products business – reorganisation of its Sales & Marketing functions affecting 60 managers and staff – new roles
  • Project management of a payroll reduction in 6 countries across Europe
  • One off redundancies in satellite companies globally
  • Relocations/closure of offices in an IT software company

If you’d like to have an initial chat about your organisational change needs, call us today on 07891 839136 or email us here.