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Since I started coaching with Lainey two years ago I feel I have definitely grown as a person. Lainey is a great listener, very caring and approachable and enjoys what she does, and I feel she genuinely cares about her “coachees”. Through her positivity and motivation, she has helped me develop very much on a professional, as well as on a personal level. The coaching sessions were definitely extremely valuable, and there are take-aways I will keep with me for a very long time.

Coachee, Hult International Business School

It was a real comfort to know that we had HR experts at our disposal and literally no more than a phone call away.  Our particular needs were complex to say the least but the deference shown, coupled with a professional and empathetic attitude of Lynda helped us to achieve the right result.  The flexibility and the ability to accommodate our requests was very much appreciated.

Kev Jefcoate, Marketing Director, iStorage Limited

Colin was really good, very supportive, professional and available. We enjoyed working with him.

Jean De Villeneuve, Sr. Director Career Development and Corporate Relations – Europe, HULT

I really appreciated Sallie’s technical guidance helping me review salary and benefit procedures and running staff consultations to achieve an excellent  outcome for all concerned.

Antonia Swinson, Director, The Ethical Property Foundation

Jayne was professional, warm, clear and confident – qualities I really needed and hugely appreciated. I will be continuing to refer to Jayne’s advice, and unreservedly recommend her to any business owner.

Aidan Meller, Managing Director, Aidan Meller Galleries

I have worked with Jayne Evans of jme hr Solutions for 18 months, during which time Jayne has created and implemented a successful performance review program for our global organization, spread across five offices in Hong Kong, China, Japan, India and US.   We needed an efficient low cost global solution that would allow for some customization, and Jayne was able to flex and meet our needs perfectly. She also visited each location and bonded well with the teams as she trained them in the new system, and is providing valuable follow up and coaching to ensure its bedding in.

Jayne brings a thoughtful and practical approach to what can be a complex area, and her ability to both design and implement is valuable to organizations like ours that have no formal internal HR function.  A plus is also her sunny yet down to earth manner which ensures just the right mix of practicality and personability to get things done in an enjoyable way.

Huw Daniel, Chief Executive Officer, Platinum Guild International

Jayne was recommended to me through my network. I was looking for HR support with appreciation of our business needs and which I could rely on. Jayne has worked extremely well with not only me but with my team. She is always at the end of the phone for us with practical advice. In a global business that responsiveness sets Jayne apart.

Rebecca Churchill, Senior Vice-President Operations, Hult International Business School

Jayne, just a quick line to thank you for the assistance you gave me on the development of the maternity policy for the Ethical Property Foundation. As you know, this was our first staff maternity and to be able to pick up the phone and get a timely, informed recommendation on the type of policy and procedure we should adopt was extremely helpful. The approach that you took, listening to our objectives, reviewing this in line with the charity/social enterprise sector current practices and producing a report for the Board of Trustees, enabled us to make a well informed decision. This is an area of employment law and practice that we knew very little about and this whole process worked very smoothly.

Sam Clarke , Chairman, Ethical Property Foundation

Jayne helps me to comply with the latest HR legislation. She also assists me with the more sensitive issues where I feel I, or one of our managers, needs guidance. Jayne is very flexible and has a wide network of professional contacts which she can use or recommend whenever it is appropriate. What I most like about her is that she always provides a supportive and very personalised service.

Cecile Galoselva, Operation Director, Ethical Property Company

As any small business knows, the huge increase in employment regulations can easily tie one up in knots, especially when you are trying to concentrate on securing forward business in a tough economic market. Our staff are our biggest asset and we needed to look after them properly and make sure that our employment contracts were fair and up to date. Outsourcing our HR to Jayne Evans solved all our HR problems. She came in and brought all the paperwork up to date, resolved some staff issues which, if left unattended, would ultimately have been disruptive, and bonded with all the staff in a positive and helpful way. Staff relations throughout the business improved with a positive effect on the working atmosphere and output. And all of this was achieved in a very cost effective way. Engaging Jayne was the best decision on HR we ever made

Nicholas Durbridge, Chairman, The Copyrights Group Limited

Hi Jayne – Just thought I would drop you an email to thank you for your efforts over the last eighteen months. Effectively, being a start up business we would have struggled with the relocation, redundancy and various HR issues we have encountered if it were not for your in-depth knowledge, services and connections!  It is always important to keep costs to a minimum during our early years and having an external consultant to call upon such as yourself has helped with the cost reduction of a full time HR resource and added value with your experience in many areas. One of the main areas has been with the team collaboration exercises you have been involved in with your colleague Lainey.  With a very young, new dynamic board, average age 35, your input has helped us fast track and shape the board to an effective team rather than a group of individuals and I cannot tell you how different the mindset is to where we were twelve months ago, to coin a phrase ‘the future’s bright!’

All too often we forget to praise the people who have done a great job and are first to criticise.  Through your working knowledge of our business, I would like to thank you for what has been a very busy period in terms of foundations and growth for Xn Leisure Systems Limited and look forward to working with you as the business develops. Thank you once again.

Darrell Boxall, Managing Director, Xn Leisure Systems Limited

At Sacla’ we’re busy creating our great pesto sauces and getting these to our customers and consumers. Our small team is one of our most valued assets and needs to be looked after and nurtured so that we can achieve our goals.

As a dynamic business which embraces change, we are ever mindful that employment law and practices are changing and being updated on a frequent basis. Working with Jayne on a retained basis, we receive first class advice and provide our team with a great service.  We have become used to calling Jayne for day to day advice when we need it. Knowing Sacla’ and our team and what makes us tick means that Jayne can help us find the right solution and approach which complements our brand and values.

We are very pleased that we have Jayne’s services to call on.

Clare Blampied, Managing Director, Sacla’ UK Limited

Jayne Evans has provided prompt, sensitive, sound and supportive help to our small organisation over the last two years.  These days, as an employer, it is impossible to do without access to wise and practical advice on issues as they arise.  We have always known that Jayne is at the end of the telephone – or ringing us back promptly – to give advice and confidence to choose the best way forward

Marion Stevenson, Director, Oxfordshire Family Mediation

Colin Henney is a unique mix of thoughtful expert, trusted advisor and critical friend. He is extremely knowledgeable across a broad spectrum of the HR & People arena and his flexibility has given us the confidence to respond to a number of complex and potentially high risk issues.

Angela Muir, Ashridge Business School

As a small but expanding business, it is very important for us to seek specialist advice when we are taken outside our own areas of expertise.  jme hr has been on hand to support us, answering the various queries and issues that have arisen over the past year or so, and more recently Emma has been helping us to overhaul our employment contracts and encouraging us to think about our HR policies going forward. It is great to have such an efficient and approachable service on hand when we need them; we would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Liz Devine, Business Manager, Leyland Music

Jayne brings an experienced head to all aspects of HR issues, and provides a common sense and professional approach. I have worked with Jayne in two companies, and can commend her. She is currently helping with resourcing and search.

Nicholas Graham Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Palladium Global Marketing

We really appreciate the amazing support we received from you and Kay during this difficult period, I don’t know what we would have done without you. We will definitely contact you as and when we require additional HR support.

John Michael
iStorage Ltd