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Relocation, Redundancy and HR contract review

Posted in Employment Advice

What was the goal:
To create a company identity and culture from a group of small satellite companies that had been ‘spun off’ from a much larger organisation a few years previously.
What was the context:
The employees were previously used to a large matrixed culture and they were based all over the UK and many worked from home. They didn’t know their colleagues from the various satellite companies and they were concerned and anxious, having experienced many organisational changes with their previous employer. There was no clear company identity or sense of belonging. Communications were challenging due to both the locations and availability of staff. There was a high cost to the business for running many small sites.
What were the options:
The changes were required, as leaving the current work practices and logistical set up was no longer an option due to cost and lack of efficiencies.
What did we do:
  • We agreed the goals with the leadership team
  • We helped the business articulate their future staffing levels, including where they would need to be based, what roles were required, what could they afford, etc
  • We reviewed the employment situations of all staff and started a consultation process to move towards the new organisation structure and locations.  This resulted in a re-organisation and some relocation, as a number of small offices were closed
  • We took the opportunity to review contracts and create an Employer Identity with employee paperwork and materials
  • We advised on enhancing employee terms and conditions at low cost to the employer, compared to the market


What was the outcome:
Over a process of 3 months, staff were relocated, re-deployed or made redundant. Contracts and benefits were reviewed and where necessary, compulsory redundancies were undertaken.
What did the client say:
Our client appreciated the complexity of the employment tasks, and worked in partnership with jme hr to achieve the desired outcome. The project was handled sensitively and without any employment disputes or claims from employees.