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Recruitment & Selection for a new organisational structure

Posted in Resourcing

What was the goal:
To attract and select appropriately skilled staff to fill key roles in a new structure following a company re-organisation. The focus was bringing into the business specific competencies that would contribute to the success of the newly shaped organisation.
What was the context:
Eight roles required resourcing, all of a specialist nature and at management level.
What were the options:
Throughout the assignment, we delayed recruiting some roles, made some positions fixed term and others permanent and we resourced according to the organisation’s stage of evolution. Our experience allowed us to make such recommendations, using sound commercial understanding and working from a position of solid previous experience.
What did we do:
  • We built relationships with the existing management team and learnt about the new business strategy and what the success factors would be for new recruits into the various roles
  • We helped write and scope job descriptions, and set salary and benefit packages that would be attractive to potential candidates
  • We determined how to attract the applicants, via various media and specialist agencies
  • We used our experience of assessment to create a fair selection process and timeline for each position to be recruited
  • We coached managers to interview and gather information from candidates and supported them to make effective selection decisions, bearing in mind that they were comparing both internal ‘at risk’ staff and external applicants
  • We ensured the offers were converted to acceptances, negotiated with the applicants and managers to ensure that both parties were ‘on the same page’
  • We advised on the induction programme and completed the contracts and reference checking
What was the outcome:
All roles were successfully resourced in the estimated time frame. Managers gained skills and knowledge in relation to the recruitment process that they didn’t have before. We successfully partnered with the client to help them achieve their organisational changes and helped them bring into the organisation new skills and competencies to drive forward the new strategy.
What did the client say:
Our client was delighted with the result: ‘We couldn’t have achieved this in this time frame or in this way without you’.