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Team event for 70 staff

Posted in Learning & Development

What was the goal:
Our client had promoted a new leader to a senior position in the organisation and the new leader wanted jme hr to run an event where the leader would have the opportunity to meet and work off site with their new team, as well as focusing on the key commercial drivers for the next 12 months. To run the event within a relatively limited budget and maximise the use of time away from the office.
What was the context:
The team of 70 employees hadn’t undertaken something like this before. Although Departments knew each other well, the ‘whole team concept’ was something that the new leader wanted to instil in the team.
What were the options:
Our client could have co-ordinated the event and used managers to facilitate the day or chosen to use jme hr. Given our experience in facilitating and mentoring, jme hr were asked to undertake the project. We worked through the detail with the client, which included jme hr designing and delivering the agenda for the day by two experienced facilitators as well as the hotel venue booking and contracting. Throughout the assignment, we ensured that everybody was involved.
What did we do:
  • We agreed the brief and budget for the event
  • We prepared and discussed the timetable and proposed activities for the day
  • We co-ordinated the communications with staff and timeline of activities leading up to the event
  • We created all materials, checked the venue and liaised with the hotel services team
  • We delivered the day, responding to agenda changes and tailoring the event to fit the needs of the group
What was the outcome:
We received letters of appreciation from the team to the boss! The client appreciated that it had been a great opportunity to forge better links with the wider team and it provided a platform to focus on a commercial goal for the following year.
What did the client say:
They were very pleased with the outcomes, the learning opportunities and obtaining experience of what had worked well. The client has a real desire to repeat the event again, appreciating that it had been a massive value for money and they had received great employee feedback.