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Design & implement a new performance & development system

Posted in Learning & Development

What was the goal:
To design and introduce a new performance management and competency system, which would be suitable in five different countries.
What was the context:
Our client, having grown over time, had different performance review practices in each of their countries and they felt it was now appropriate to have one system across the whole organisation.
What were the options:
At each stage of the development process, via teleconference and global meetings, options were presented and collaboratively we reached consensus on each element of the design. The approach was to take the best practices of what was currently being used and enhance where possible to create a practical, workable tool for managers.
What did we do:
  • We reviewed the current performance management documents of each country
  • We sought feedback from each Country Head about what they would like going forward
  • We proposed a new performance management and competency system which was agreed by the Senior Leadership Team
  • We wrote guidance booklets for each stage of the process – start, mid-year and end of year review and calculation of the overall performance rating
  • We undertook training in each country to help Job Holders understand the new system and their role in defining objectives, assessing competencies that they needed to improve and plan their own personal and professional development
  • For Reviewers, we provided training in setting objectives, providing feedback and helping people obtain their performance potential
What was the outcome:
All employees and Managers are working effectively through their objectives this year. Employees are aligned to the organisation’s KPIs and know what needs to be achieved. Employees are in control of their personal and professional development and are being helped by their Managers to achieve their goal. jme hr trained all staff in each country to ensure the process is used consistently across the organisation.
What did the client say:
The Country Heads and Senior Leadership Team are pleased that all employees, irrespective of location are now appraised under the same system, which is delivering consistency. The organisation now has a way for ensuring that objectives are cascaded and achievement against those objectives can be measured.