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Bite-size ‘bespoke’ in company workshops

Posted in Learning & Development

What was the goal:
To provide useful, practical skills training for junior managers and employees over a 12 month time period, to assist them with their own learning and development. To be cost effective, and limit the time away from the desk to attend training, ensuring minimum impact on their customers.
What was the context:
The organisation had previously provided minimal training for its employees. The Directors wanted to develop its staff and have a consistent approach to allowing all employees access to the training. The topics needed to have commercial benefit and not just provide for the individual’s personal development.
What were the options:
We reviewed what was happening in the workplace, what types of issues were arising, when managers and staff raised concerns or sought advice and help. The review created a picture of what training was required that would be of most commercial benefit.
What did we do:
  • We proposed a list of training topics including how to set objectives, how to manage your own personal development, how to succeed at internal interviews, how to get a work/life balance etc. which were proposed following an internal review and also made recommendations as to how and when the training could take place
  • We created an on-line booking system for employees to book onto the training sessions
  • We prepared slide decks, materials, handouts and folders for each training programme
  • We developed a ‘monthly topic’ which consisted of a 2 hour jme hr workshop, which was run 6-8 times per month and at different offices, allowing employees to have a choice of when they would attend
  • Each topic developed on from the last, so team members started signing up together for the same workshops, in order that they could learn together
What was the outcome:
When a workshop was advertised and sent out to staff, within 24 hours the sessions were full! The training became a motivational intervention and one valued by the staff. It provided the opportunity for employees to discuss workplace issues and offer guidance and support to move things forwards. The employee satisfaction results were positive and feedback from senior managers was encouraging as they could see greater engagement and progress being made amongst the team.
What did the client say:
Our client felt that it was a very cost effective and commercially valuable project. The client decided to run a series of follow-on workshops for a further 12 months.